January 17, 2012

"Neunzig Verweht" Jünger docu - now with English subtitles!

The popular Jünger documentary "Neunzig Verweht" has been given English subtitles and is now available along with the original German version on my Youtube channel, ErnstJuengerAnarch.

On behalf of non-German speaking fans of Ernst Jünger's work, many thanks go out to Stefan Jarl, who took on the tedious but evidently gratifying job of transcribing and then translating the German dialogue.

* If anyone else has Jünger videos or old VHS tapes archived somewhere, I'd be happy to convert and upload them to what is certainly now the largest collection of Jünger videos on the net.


  1. Is there a reason why the 2nd and 3rd parts are private?

  2. My apologies! A simple oversight - all three are now public again, enjoy!