October 14, 2010

Jüngers Kriegstagebücher - a higher perspective

The press has recently been been full of discussion about the publication of Ernst Jünger's War Diaries (Kriegstagebücher), his original notes from the trenches of WWI. Above all this has provided new opportunities for the usual misuse of his works by left-wing opponents and right-wing "friends", respectively expressing their knee-jerk critique and misguided hero worship.

The disproportion of this attention is apparent when one remembers that it is directed at a single teenage work of an author who lived to 102, wrote dozens of far more interesting and profound works, and was awarded Germany's highest literary prize.

(One wonders if these respected critics, Feuilleton editors and academics are in fact incapable in their 50's or 60's of anything more challenging than analyzing to death Jünger´s teenage works? The reflection of a difference in intellectual level of development? Would they know where to begin with later works like Eumeswil or An der Zeitmauer, works that have not been classified once and for all times in the public mind by these "authorities"? I challenge these venerable gentlemen to "explain" Eumeswil and the anarch to their readers with their tired old politicized cliches!)

October 13, 2010

Ernst Jünger Conferences in Florence

In a site devoted to Ernst Jünger, it is unforgivable that I have never mentioned the remarkable work of the Association Eumeswil in Florence, Italy. As one of the only groups world-wide that regularly organizes conferences and other events on Ernst Jünger, they deserve front-page treatment here. This oversight will be redressed in the future, as I have nothing but respect for their efforts there!

They gain plenty of extra points in my eyes, since they are clearly oriented towards Ernst Jünger´s mature works - as the name already indicates.

For October, this Jünger conference (in Italian) is announced on their website:

Saturday October 23, 17h
Istituto dei Padri Scolopi – Scuole Pie Fiorentine, Sala Verde – via Cavour 94, Firenze

Ernst Jünger's Orient: a bridge beyond modernity.
Speaker: Sandro Gorgone, professor of philosophy, University of Messina

The Orient in dialogue between Ernst and Friedrich Georg Jünger
Speaker: Professor Giuliana Gregorio, History of Philosophy, University of Messina.

In the city of the Renaissance, let us hope their work leads to a rebirth of interest in Ernst Jünger!