September 11, 2010

A new color! "Global grey"

I'm going to stray from direct reference to Ernst Jünger here, though it will be in the train of his thinking regarding global "levelization" or flattening of culture.

I was in the United Nations building here last week, since I can do duty-free shopping there. Indeed, I have no other reason to go, since the place basically depresses me everytime I visit.

Why? Because it becomes apparent there in microcosm how globalization ultimately leads not to a fascinating colorful tapestry of cultures but to a uniform "global grey".

If one imagines taking all the world´s flags and composing a mosaic of them, on a sphere like this unknown graphic artist has done, a cheerful and stimulating impression results. According to color theory, if one spun this globe very fast, assuming all the colors of the rainbow were present in the various flags, a pure white would result. This is additive color mixing - the frequencies of the colors are added to each to produce full-spectrum visible light, which is white.

September 8, 2010


Here's a colourful mosaic of all the Jünger books (and a few good books on Jünger) that I´ve managed to collect over the years - presented here mainly for fun, but also to reinforce the international importance of Ernst Jünger. May it grow year by year as the world begins to discover the insights of this author!

Le api di vetro
Aladdin's Problem
Erzählende Schriften II. Heliopolis.
La emboscadura
Approches, drogues et ivresse
Trattato del ribelle
Sulle scogliere di marmo
Il cuore avventuroso. Figurazioni e capricci
Avvicinamenti. Droghe ed ebbrezza
Sämtliche Werke, 18 Bde. u. 4 Supplement-Bde., Bd.11: Annäherungen
Die Schere
Das abenteuerliche Herz. Figuren und Capriccios.
An der Zeitmauer.
Der Waldgang
Aladdin's Problem
On the Marble Cliffs

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