September 1, 2012

EUMESWIL in English - reprint!

I have always maintained that Eumeswil is Ernst Jünger's defining and far and away most important  work. At home I even have three copies of the hardcover English edition (Marsilio Publishers, New York: 1994) - which I picked up for $10 each on the bargain table at a Chapters in Vancouver 10 years ago!

A pity I did not buy everything on the table - as you see below:

If "the market is never wrong", this seems to be a confirmation of my highest opinion of this book.

It should also be an incentive for Marsilio to reprint - or for some other publisher, since the English translation rights in this case seem to have remained with the translator.

In the meantime the impatient reader always has the option to take matters into his own hands and look online for downloadable versions. At these high prices, I cannot imagine that a cult book like this is not available somewhere on the internet for free.

Unfortunately, this phenomenon only seems to be growing. I would pay this much for this book, but I am an exception - I already love the book, and, if need be, I could afford the sacrifice. But many cannot, however much they want to have the book. Such people go online and find free versions - and one can understand their position.

From all perspectives, it would really be time for a reprint!