October 26, 2013

The Forest Passage - coming soon in English!

I am thrilled to spread the news today from Telos Press that "Der Waldgang" will soon be available in English under the title "The Forest Passage"! Last year Telos also published "The Adventurous Heart: Figures and Capriccios" and are thus apparently intent on becoming the new publisher of Jünger's books in English. On behalf of all those who have been starving over the last decade for new English translations of Jünger - thank you, Telos!

I have also happily received permission to help support the publication of this critical work with a few previews over the next weeks, beginning with this excerpt contrasting the Forest Rebel with the Worker and the Unknown Soldier and beginning to explain why he is determined to fight for his freedom in a technically-imposed collective slavery.

(From Chapter 12)
"We previously referred to the Worker and the Unknown Soldier as two of the significant figures of our times. In the forest rebel we conceive a third figure, one that is emerging ever more clearly.  
In the Worker the active principle is deployed in an attempt to pervade and master the universe in a new manner, to reach places, near and far, which no eye has ever seen, to command forces that none have ever before unleashed. In the shadow of these actions stands the Unknown Soldier, as sacrificial victim, who shoulders the burden across vast wastelands of fire, and who, as good and unifying spirit, is invoked not only within a people but also between peoples. He is the immediate son of the earth.

October 11, 2013

Exhibition: Ernst Jünger and Albert Renger-Patzsch

Just received notice of this interesting exhibition in Boulder, Colorado, from its curator, Ross Etherton, a PhD student at the University of Colorado Boulder. 

His exhibit showcases many early copies of Jünger's works, most of which once belonged to Gerhard Loose (one of Jünger's biographers), as well as some hand-labeled beetles that belonged to Jünger (on loan from Dr. Frank Krell from the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, who met Jünger in the 1980s). The exhibit also features early copies of Renger-Patzsch's books, as well as Bäume und Gestein. 

Although already open to the public, the official opening ceremony is on Monday Oct 14.

(Reminds me that there was another Jünger and Renger-Patzsch exhibition in Munich last year....)