February 4, 2016

Ernst Junger: a man for all cultures?

From the "European Commission - Research & Innovation" website, this summary of Christophe Fricker's research project on Ernst Jünger's extensive travel writings (original here).
Ernst Junger: a man for all cultures?
EU-funding helped scholar Christophe Fricker restart his academic career and link it up with his experiences in the business world. His research has shed new light on the life and writing of controversial German author Ernst Junger.
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Jünger had written some 50 volumes of diaries, novels, stories and essays by the time he died in 1998 at the age of 102. Along the way he received praise and honours as a master stylist and early analyst of social and technological networks, while being denounced by others as a German nationalist and Nazi apologist.
Fricker stepped into this divide with the help of a Marie Curie Fellowship grant and came down on the side of Jünger as a man who valued all cultures. The Fellowship allowed Fricker to break new ground in understanding Jünger through research into the author’s extensive travel writing and other documents.