December 19, 2010

Ernst Jünger's readership - more eclectic than you think!

What this guy understands about Ernst Jünger's thought, I cannot judge - he only reads from one of his books here. But I give him the benefit of the doubt, since he has picked one of Jünger´s last, most metaphysical works, Die Schere (The Scissors, untranslated into English). 

The video also clearly shows that Jünger readers come in all shapes and colors!!

(Apparently Joschka Fischer also read Jünger, from Fischer´s left-wing student days all the way through to the year Jünger won the Goethe Prize. He then even defended Jünger´s right to receive it. I might post this letter sometime.)


  1. Yes, Jünger readers come in all shapes and colors...and seem to be smoking all kinds of stuff:-)

    Interesting excerpt from the book. Full of content, in fact, brimming over with content.

  2. For sure he does! I wonder if he really understands what he is reading or just thinks he does. One never knows.

    Anyway, a great book Die Schere!