December 20, 2010

Arte TV on the Marbacher Jünger Exhibition

It begins in a rather cliched manner ("Er war ein Mann der Kälte ....") but the real value here is listening to Martin Walser talk in shining words about Ernst Jünger´s value for people today.


  1. Very interesting. In the light of these developments, a revival of both the Juenger brother's works looks quite feasible.

    I'm at present rummaging through EJ's diaries - as I often do at random, and came across this entry about Marcel Jouhandeau. A French writer (and another anarch, it seems), and close friend of Juenger.

    Some students had been unhappy with one of Jouhandeau's pronouncements. They were rioting in front of his house in Paris. Marcel exclaimed to them from his window:

    "Get lost - in ten years you will all have become solicitors!"

  2. Sure, these must be deeply-based behavior patterns - look at what became of so many of the flower children.

    To some degree caused by simple hormonal changes, which however reflect an archetypal development from over-powered idealism to calmer pragmatism.

    The quote was presumably from Strahlungen?

  3. The quote was from Siebzig verweht.

    As to the students: they may have belonged to the category overpowered by ideology.
    Those were the most fervent haters of EJ.