May 14, 2021

The Forest Passage by Ernst Jünger - a podcast reading of the whole book

I discovered this podcast reading of The Forest Passage on a website new to me: "Immediatism: Essays provocative and incendiary." The site offers almost 500 podcasts on a variety of topics from Anarchism to Post-Left to Technology and many other categories of alternative world views.

The original reading was divided up into nine podcasts, including the translator's introduction and a formal introduction by Russell Berman. I've spliced them all into one long video with a title bar below indicating the chapters for reference.

Each podcast of a few chapters is preceded by a short introduction and summary of what has been read so far. I find the narrator's voice and manner of reading quite pleasant and her comments intelligent and to the point.

Many thanks to for going to all this work with such a critical work of Ernst Jünger's - enjoy!

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