September 23, 2017

On the trail of Ernst Jünger - Sicily November 2017

I was just informed about this interesting and apparently unique initiative from the Association Eumeswil in Florence: a small-group tour to Sicily in November this year, retracing Ernst Jünger's own visits there. The dates are November 1 - 7, starting in Palermo and finishing in Catania. 

English Itinerary >>>

Itinerario in Italiano >>>

Apart from the evident pleasure and intellectual stimulation of traveling for a week in the company of other Jünger enthusiasts and experts, the group will also be meeting local Jünger experts and translators.

I understand that the English translator of Adventurous Heart II and The Forest Passage will be part of the group, as well as directing members of the Association Eumeswil itself.

They have engaged a world-leading travel expert to plan and execute the trip, and they're offering the tour with a very comfortable level of hotels and dining.

It sounds like a very interesting opportunity, I wish I had known about it earlier: the sign up deadline is in just 3 weeks, October 16th.

Working on going myself. But I don't manage it this year, they'll hopefully be offering more trips in the future.

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