March 6, 2015

Conference program 2015 - Associazione Eumeswil Florence

The Association Eumeswil of Florence has just announced an exciting new conference program for 2015:
Download the full program here

"The Mystery of Existence in European 20th Century Literature 

( Programma in italiano: Il mistero dell'esistenza nella letteratura europea del '900 )

The full program, including lectures on the Association's main interest Ernst Jünger but also a broad spectrum of other significant 20th century European authors, is as follows:

Giovanni Pascoli - March 14
Gabriele d'Annunzio  - March 21
Luigi Pirandello - March 28
William Butler Yeats - April 18
Thomas Mann - May 9
Ernst Jünger (1) - May 23
Hermann Hesse - June 9
James Joyce - October 10
Robert Musil - October 24 
Louis-Ferdinand Céline - November 7
Michail A. Bulgakov - November 21
Ernst Jünger (2) - November 28

L'Istituto dei Padri Scolopi
Scuole Pie Fiorentine
Via Lamarmora 35

Cost: voluntary contribution to organizational costs appreciated

Associazione Eumeswil is a non-profit cultural association founded in  Florence, Italy with the purpose of studying and diffusing the works of Ernst Jünger. Its work is based on the three pillars of Tradition, understood as the spiritual heritage of our ancestors, Culture as the cultivation of one's self, and Integrity as a way of being and not merely appearing to be.

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